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UK's leading childrens nutritionist

Jenaed Brodell is UK's leading childrens dietitian. She see's children face to face  in Belfast or online via our tele-health GDPR protected platform.  She is committed to helping your child with whatever you are struggling with from a nutritional standpoint and simplify your life.   The Paediatric Dietitian Co, is here to improve your child's eating habits and ensure they are reaching their optimal potential. 

Your Childs nutritionist 

No more confusion about why your child is not eating, why they're not growing appropriately and no more feeling alone in a back log of a healthcare system. We are here to simplify your life and ensure your child is in the best hands possible. We provide you with continuous support via our app incase there is emergency support needed.

Cows milk protein allergy and other food allergies 

Autism and sensory eaters 

Picky Eaters 

Pre-mature babies 



Eating disorders


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